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Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs Wholesaler
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Date of registration: 14 Jan 2024 15:34:09
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ACPFOOD isn't your average herb provider. They're masters of the aromatic and medicinal, sourcing top-quality herbs, seeds, fruits, and natural resins from the wild corners of the globe. Imagine vibrant cardamom bursting from Guatemala, sun-kissed sage from the Austrian Alps,the earthy whispers of Iranian galbanum - ACPFOOD brings them all to your doorstep. Whether you're a manufacturer crafting soothing teas, a perfumer conjuring enchanting scents,simply an avid home cook seeking vibrant flavors, ACPFOOD offers a symphony of aromas and therapeutic whispers waiting to be explored. Dive into their world, and let the power of nature take your senses on a journey.

Address: Building 264, 1300, Vienna, Austria



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