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Tantra Massage in köln - nuru massage köln - erotik massage köln
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Tantric massage is about experiencing body and mind in a new way through intensive and respectful touch. Pleasure and erotic feelings are an important part of it, because the central life energy is found in tantra.

The traditional tantric massage also includes the so-called Lingam (for men)Yoni (for women) massage of intimate parts of the body. This can lead to a sexual climax &ndash but it does not have to. The goal is always the sensual, relaxing experience itself.

Sexual energies that have accumulated over time can be discharged through lovingly and professionally performed massages, in the sense of a restored flow balance of the organism. This is of course not just about eroticism, yet this point should not be ignored. Mental and physical tensions and blockages can be released permanently, so that the effect of a treatment often lasts for weeks.

The most important thing about tantric massage: During your consultation with the masseuse it is you alone who decides how far the body-to-body massage will go. Basically, it is a nude massage that uses the entire body.


Tantra Shiva is the Best tantric massage in cologne

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